In his pilgrimages through the universe the soul knows experiences similar to the heights of mountains and the depths of valleys.
And some, transformed into life lessons, need a way to be expressed, shown to the world, shared with dedication and wisdom.

is my work

  • Abstract oil painting
  • painting the icon in oil
  • flowers painted with watercolor
  • painting landscapes oil
parallax background

"When painting I do not make a single painting. I prepare two color palettes and several canvases because I start from one idea and finish others"

Mihaela Surugiu

November 20, 2017
mihaela surugiu

Watercolor paiting

Watercolor means both a paint, obtained from pigment powder mixed with binder (usually gum arabic) and additives and diluted with water, as well as a painting technique on paper, or a work performed in this technique.
November 20, 2017

The second evening of the Piano Festival in Piatra Neamt

The second evening of the Piatra-Neamt Piano Festival began with a two-handed piano concert held by pianists Anna Dmytrenko and Ksenia Fedoruk. The two artists of Ukrainian nationality came in front of the
November 20, 2017
Mihaela Surugiu plastic artist

Mihaela Surugiu plastic artist

Mihaela managed to combine art with marketing. The paintings have come to be everywhere in the world, and the events they take care of are organized in succession. First, Mihaela Surugiu was drawn to painting. Loves the colors, and the paintings are pieces of nature surprising on the easel.